Wii U GamePad Renders Faster Than The TV

Eurogamer recently went hands-on with Wii U. Throughout their trial, the Wii U GamePad’s image did not lag behind the television screen and, as a matter of truth, Wii U’s controller rendered quicker than the Television. Eurogamer claims that the Wii U GamePad’s connectivity with the Television is substantially greater than the PlayStation Portable’s “heavily buffered Remote Play function.”

“Latency also aspects into the equation when using any wireless device, and memories of the PSP’s heavily buffered Remote Play feature have us hoping for a substantially reduced delay between the larger and lower screens. Thankfully, we’re pleased to discover that latency right here is impossible to choose out without some exacting strategy of measure. In testing the difference, we find results that fully subvert our expectations right here in instances where gameplay is mirrored amongst the two, the GamePad screen truly renders the image 116ms before the 50-inch LG screen does.”

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