Super Smash Bros. Brawl Mod Project M Releases 2nd Demo April 15


Quickly-paced fighting, advanced combinations, and re-balanced gameplay are coming to Super Smash Bros. Brawl with the release of the second demo of fan-produced mod, Project M, on April 15. The mod aims to improve the speed of Brawl to bring it closer to and potentially exceed the speed of its predecessor, Super Smash Bros. Melee, which was normally viewed as a far more competitive title.

Project M does not need hardware modification to apply it. The mod can be applied merely by downloading the file onto an SD card and inserting it into a Wii with a copy of Brawl.

Project M is nonetheless below development, but currently released a demo version during an earlier stage. As announced in the trailer, the new demo version will add characters who had been nonetheless getting tweaked in the initial release, in addition to much more tweaks and revisions.

The general goal of the project is outlined on the Project M web site. The Project M team plans on turning Brawl into a much more speedily paced game with far more controlled, organic movement. The mod will change edgeguarding, the battle among players falling out-of-bounds and players attempting to keep them from obtaining back onto the stage, to make it riskier but more rewarding for the offensive player.

Project M will also alter Brawl to mirror other competitive titles by creating combos far more difficult and strategic. Players will be rewarded for skillful use of combos, and punished for being predictable as in most other competitive titles. Project M also makes sweeping technical modifications, which can be viewed here.

As mentioned just before, the mod does not contain all characters playable in the original Brawl. Each and every character undergoes therapy and tweaking, so the team has to add each character individually. The most recent version of the mod includes 29 playable characters – down six from Brawl’s original 35.

Thus far the mod appears like a quite complete overhaul of Brawl which really should appeal to those disappointed by the alterations made to the series immediately after Melee. It must be exciting to see what the team manages to do in the future and if Project M can obtain ground as a tool to make Brawl a more competitive option for Super Smash Bros. fans.

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