Pokemon Dream Radar Trailer Sees Swablu, New Forms And More

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The short but sweet trailer shows off the augmented reality 3DS game in action.

With fans getting ready to once again sally forth and catch ‘em all, Nintendo have been preparing some companion pieces to the upcoming DS sequels. One such 3DS exclusive is the eShop-bound Pokémon Dream Radar, which sees you plucking creatures from the air around you that can be then transferred into the upcoming Black 2 or White 2 games.

Dream Clouds seem to be the habitat of these super-secret creatures, who are then captured by being ferociously shot by lasers by the plucky player.

The timer at the top right of the screen ticks down ominously all the while, and it seems that gameplay revolves around filling up the bar to secure the critter before that timer reaches zero. All seems a lot more tense and interactive than the traditional method of throwing a ball, watching the Pokémon wriggle inside and hoping it doesn’t burst free!

The Pokémon themselves feature as fully three dimensional figures, intricately modelled to match their ingame forms. Being able to transfer the creatures to Black 2 and White 2 seems an ideal way to bolster your ranks!

The trailer also reiterates the exciting news that alternate forms of Thundurus, Tornadus and Landorus can be snagged within Dream Radar. It’s certain to give 3DS owners a nifty edge over just any old DS-toting Black 2 or White 2 player, and it’s the sort of extra functionality for an otherwise standard Nintendo DS game we’d like to see implemented more. DS games with extra 3DS features could create a nice common ground between 3DS owners and DS players yet to upgrade.

All in all, it’s a snippet of gameplay nonetheless packed with intriguing creatures to bag and tag, as well as a rather delightful living room. Whose house is this? How do we get a house so fine?

Either way, we love some 3DS augmented reality, and Dream Radar seems destined to deliver!

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By Tony White on 3 September 2012

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