Here’s a Whole Bunch of New Anarchy Reigns Footage


It seems like it was just the other day I was reminding you all about Anarchy Reigns and why it deserves your attention. Nowadays, there are a handful of new videos for the game to further reinforce my sentiments. The first is an 11 minute, four on four multiplayer session, and it’s as hectic as you may well count on. Characters like Big Bull, Leo, and Jack Cayman beat the snot out of each other in spectacular style and it all just looks enjoyable. Also, it appears Garuda can be utilized like a car by his teammates which adds yet another layer of crazy to the proceedings.

While watching the multiplayer footage, you may possibly also notice a previously unannounced character in the mix – Ai Rin. As it turns out, Ai Rin is one particular of three new characters, Fei Rin and Rin Rin becoming the other people. Even though it’s not clear if they’re separate or just variations of 1 character, their fighting types are all completely different. Fei Rin wields a spear, Ai Rin carries a pair of flails, and Rin Rin makes use of a pair of fans.

Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to see far more of the game at E3 ahead of its July release date, but for now, you can head past the break to check out all the new multiplayer footage and character reveals.

Multiplayer Footage

Fei Rin

Ai Rin

Rin Rin

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