Taking a Look at the new XP Sliders in Madden NFL 16 Online Franchise


Franchise mode in Madden NFL 16 suffers from some questionable design decisions that stretch beyond the awful Drive Goals implemented this year, with others related to Game Prep, Confidence, and the XP system. With the latest patch for Madden 16 new XP Sliders have been added that finally provide some flexibility to one of those aspects of the mode.

Only available in “online” franchises started after today, the new slider allows for the commissioner to increase or decrease the amount of XP earned position-by-position. It affects how much XP is distributed in all areas, whether that be earned through in-game performance, reaching yearly goals, or in Game Prep.

The slider moves on a scale of 0-300, with 100 being the default rate of XP, and 300 providing three times as much XP as the default.

This is an important option to have because at the default it wasn’t possible to progress any players in-season at a satisfying rate – certainly the potential to improve a player at the default XP setting isn’t anywhere equal to how fast real players tend to move up in Madden’s weekly roster updates. Any additional customization for Franchise is a step in the right direction.

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Press Row Podcast: Sports Games as Platforms


With massive patches recently released for NBA 2K16 and Madden NFL 16, and extensive updates being made to Rocket League, discussion on this week’s Press Row Podcast focuses on how post-release support has gone from just making fixes to significantly improving the products and adding value to them. There’s also the message they send to consumers, contrasted with games that don’t provide that same support such as NBA Live 16.

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UEFA Euro 2016 content coming for free to Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 next year


Earlier this year Konami announced they had acquired the license to the UEFA Euro tournament which had been with EA Sports since 2000. The next one, being held in France, begins June 2016 and runs for a month. Now the publisher has announced a basic plan for how that license will be utilized. 

UEFA Euro content will be coming to Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 next year through a data pack and it will be completely free. No further details have been provided.

The every-four-years tournament was represented by a standalone product in 2000, 2004, and 2008. Though naturally those didn’t sell as much as the World Cup games, they performed well enough worldwide to justify their development. In 2012 however EA Sports decided to turn it into a digital expansion pack within FIFA 12 to disastrous results, as the company attempted to conceal that 29 of the 53 nations were unlicensed, generic representations. The discount price and add-on nature meant lesser content and resources put towards it.

With the new UEFA Euro 2016 content being free it’s fair to wonder how much of an investment Konami will actually be making. Will it be like EA’s last effort, with many of the nations not even licensed? Considering Konami is transitioning away from console development with the exception of PES and trying to cut costs that seems possible. The other concern is related to the poor track record with post-release support for the PES franchise – whether it be broken patches or the inability to even provide regular roster updates.

The UEFA Euro tournament offers an opportunity for PES to get out of FIFA’s shadow in many regions across the globe. While being a free add-on could provide incentive for new consumers to pick up the game, they’ll have to deliver something of substance for it to make any difference.

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Deal on Madden NFL 16 today only


With Black Friday right around the corner there typically wouldn’t be deals worth jumping on but one has emerged for Madden NFL 16 today. Amazon is offering the game on Xbox One and PS4 as its “Deal of the Day” for just $ 25. It won’t be found for cheaper than that next week, so there’s no reason to hold off on getting it now.

[Update] It appears Amazon has run through all the stock they had for the game at the low price. Hopefully most of those interested were able to grab it when available earlier! Another option is Walmart, which has the game for $ 28 today in-store, stock permitting.


New uniforms and movement in the upper-tier of players with latest NBA 2K16 roster update


There are only six players in NBA 2K16 that have an Overall Rating of 90+ and in the new roster update for the game there’s shuffling at the bottom end of that elite club. DeMarcus Cousins (+3 to 90) and Kawhi Leonard (+2 to 90) received significant boosts to their ratings while James Harden (-2 to 89) and Chris Paul (-1 to 89) got dinged after disappointing starts to the season.

Cousins is averaging 28 points and 11 rebounds and Leonard is at career highs in points, rebounds, and in shooting percentages. Paul is at career low numbers in points, field goal percentage, three point percentage, and assists – albeit in only seven games having missed some due to injury. Harden is at a career low in field goal percentage in large part to having made only 31 out of 118 three point attempts.

Other movement of note includes Russell Westbrook (+1 to 92), Paul George (+1 to 89), Carmelo Anthony (+1 to 87), Dirk Nowitzki (+2 to 86), Eric Bledsoe (+2 to 86), LaMarcus Aldridge (-1 to 86), Klay Thompson (-2 to 84), DeAndre Jordan (-1 to 83), Derrick Rose (-1 to 82), Andrew Wiggins (+1 to 81), Nicolas Batum (+3 to 80), Rajon Rondo (+2 to 80), Karl-Anthony Towns (+2 to 80), Danilo Gallinari (+3 to 79), Kyle Korver (-2 to 77), and Corey Brewer (-4 to 72).

Additionally today three more uniforms were added to the game – the grey Pride jerseys for the Bulls and Suns and the red Hardwood Classics for the Grizzlies. Unfortunately, as with all uniforms added throughout the year, they are tied to the rosters which means they will not appear within already in-progress modes.

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Madden NFL 16 Roster Update – Week 10

Madden NFL 16 Aaron Rodgers

The roster update following week 10 of the NFL season is now available on all platforms for Madden NFL 16. The biggest news is that Aaron Rodgers has dropped from the 99 Overall rating he’s held all season. Check out all the details of the latest update with the spreadsheet here.

Notable players on the rise include Michael Bennett (+1 to 97), Ndamukong Suh (+1 to 97), Fletcher Cox (+1 to 96), Carson Palmer (+1 to 95), Cliff Avril (+1 to 95), Larry Fitzgerald (+1 to 94), Patrick Peterson (+1 to 94), Cam Newton (+1 to 93), Tamba Hali (+1 to 93), Adrian Peterson (+3 to 92), Josh Norman (+1 to 92), Bobby Wagner (+1 to 92), Kawaan Short (+1 to 92), Malcolm Jenkins (+1 to 92), Chandler Jones (+1 to 91), and Ronald Darby (+2 to 83).

Among those who have taken a hit are Aaron Rodgers (-1 to 98), Calais Campbell (-1 to 97), Darrelle Revis (-1 to 96), Marshawn Lynch (-1 to 96), Jurrell Casey (-1 to 95), Drew Brees (-1 to 94), Richard Sherman (-1 to 94), Earl Thomas (-1 to 94), Dez Bryant (-1 to 93), Devin McCourty (-1 to 93), Jimmy Graham (-1 to 91), Travis Kelce (-1 to 91), Russell Wilson (-1 to 91), Brandon Marshall (-1 to 90), Randall Cobb (-1 to 90), Peyton Manning (-2 to 86), James Jones (-2 to 83), Eddie Lacy (-2 to 83), and Nick Foles (-3 to 79).

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Final roster update for MLB 15: The Show


We’re now in the midst of baseball’s award season and there are only a matter of weeks until the first news hits for MLB 16: The Show. Post-release support for MLB 15 has come to a close with the final roster update which adjusts the ratings of 61 position players and 52 pitchers.

Notables among them include Corey Seager (+1o to 83), David Price (+2 to 93), Jason Heyward (+3 to 87), Tyson Ross (+3 to 86), Francisco Lindor (+3 to 84), Mark Buehrle (-2 to 82), Matt Kemp (-1 to 81), Kevin Kiermaier (+6 to 79), and Kris Medlen (-4 to 79). Additionally SCEA adjusted the player potential rating for many players across the league.


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