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With the release nearing of this year’s main crop of sports games there’s a great deal of news to catch up on. That includes the first real game info on NBA 2K17 and expected Olympics-related announcements to come soon, observations from the first Madden NFL 17 player ratings and what they mean, the potential of cross-network play for Rocket League, and impressions out of an NHL 17 press event. The show wraps up with a segment between Rich Grisham and NHL producer Sean Ramjagsingh discussing this year’s game!

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Top rated defensive tackles and offensive linemen in Madden NFL 17

Madden NFL 17 Aaron Donald

The latest ratings to be revealed for Madden NFL 17 are for the offensive line and the interior of the defensive line. So far the trend with the ratings has been that despite actual attributes either staying the same or rising from the conclusion of last season their Overall numbers have gone down and that continues at these positions. While the players making up the top 5 at DT are the same finished off Madden 16 there’s one new member of the top 10 on the OL.

#5 Kawann Short – 92 Overall
T-#3 Ndamukong Suh – 93 Overall
T-#3 Fletcher Cox – 93 Overall
#2 Geno Atkins – 94 Overall
#1 Aaron Donald – 98 Overall

In terms of the Overall, Suh has dropped the most, down 4 from where he finished off last season. Atkins and Cox are down 3, Short 2, and Donald 1. However their most critical attributes have not shifted much. The biggest downgrade is for Suh who lost 3 points in Block Shedding but he’s also up 1 point in both Speed and Acceleration. Short’s +2 in Acceleration is the only other key attribute to have moved by more than a single point.

Offensive Line
T-#8 Josh Sitton – 91 Overall
T-#8 T.J. Lang – 91 Overall
T-#8 Travis Frederick – 91 Overall
T-#5 Terron Armstead – 92 Overall
T-#5 Trent Williams – 92 Overall
T-#5 Zack Martin – 92 Overall
#4 Andrew Whitworth – 93 Overall
T-#1 Marshal Yanda – 97 Overall
T-#1 Tyron Smith – 97 Overall
T-#1 Joe Thomas – 97 Overall

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Top rated quarterbacks in Madden NFL 17 come in slightly lower rated than last year


EA Sports today revealed the top five rated QBs in Madden NFL 17. Four players return to the group from where they finished last season. Carson Palmer is no longer in the top of the class with Russell Wilson edging his way in.

#5 Russell Wilson – 91 Overall
#4 Ben Roethlisberger – 93 Overall 
#2 Tom Brady – 94 Overall
#2 Cam Newton – 94 Overall
#1 Aaron Rodgers – 96 Overall

Based on the top rookies yesterday it appeared maybe no philosophical change to the ratings scale had been put into effect but adjustments to the numbers for the QBs suggest otherwise. The difference just may not be as dramatic as many were hoping for, where the system would be more comparable to those in place with games like FIFA and NBA 2K.

The average rating of the top group this year is 93.6 which, comparing to Madden NFL 16, began with an average of 96 and ended the season at just over 97 so it’s a fairly decent shift down from then. Rodgers is the only one of the QBs to have not dropped from where they concluded last season when he actually trailed Roethlisberger, Newton, and Brady.

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New and modified rewards for Battle Royale with patch to MLB The Show 16


A new patch went out today for MLB The Show 16 that has modified the reward system for Battle Royale. The draft-style mode within Diamond Dynasty that features a run of 3 inning games that ends with 2 losses will now award players at thresholds differing from the previous levels of 2 wins, 6 wins, 12 wins, and 20 wins.

Card rewards will now be granted at 3 wins, 6 wins, 9 wins, 12 wins, and 20 wins. Additionally, rewards will be better for a team that goes 12-0 vs a team that loses once on the way to 12 wins, and the highest value cards will be given at both 12 and 20 wins. 

The changes appear to have been made to provide more incentive for the mode to be played (and of course 1,500 Stubs spent on the entry fee) now that the game has been out for nearly 4 months. As time has gone on Battle Royale has seen its appeal degrade somewhat and there’s a few reasons for that being the case.

Chief among them is that as Diamond Dynasty teams get more built-up the potential rewards from Battle Royale and the Standard Pack that comes with it become less important. There’s been no guarantee a 6 or even 12 win run would net a player that would even see action on those teams. There’s also there’s the simple difficulty most people will find in reaching 12 wins let alone the ultimate goal of getting to 20. Adding a level at 9 makes a lot of sense, as does backing up the first reward to 3 wins in order to compensate a bit for the extra cards that will be going out to those advancing deeper.

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MLB The Show 16 roster update details for week 15 of the season


With the August 1 trade deadline closing in the next few roster updates for MLB The Show 16 will be delivering more roster movement than usual, and that’ll potentially have an impact on every mode in the game. Today’s update features the trade of Drew Pomeranz to the Red Sox while the Mike Montgomery deal came too late in the week to be included.

The Indians are the biggest beneficiaries of the latest update with Corey Kluber rising 3 points to 90 Overall and Francisco Lindor going up 2 to 89 Overall. Kluber received +13 in the H/9 category, while Lindor got an upgrade to his arm and fielding attributes.

Other movement of note includes Dellin Betances (-1 to 91), Giancarlo Stanton (+1 to 88), Aledmys Diaz (+4 to 81), Jon Gray (+5 to 80), Dioner Navarro (-6 to 74), Dylan Bundy (+6 to 73), and Dario Alvarez (+9 to 67). Mariners reliever Edwin Diaz, who made his major league debut on June 6 and has 42 Ks in 21 IP, has still yet to be added to the game.

New Flashback cards this week are Prime Justin Verlander (97 Overall), Prime Jacoby Ellsbury (96), Rookie Ellsbury (87), Rookie Manny Machado (87), and Rookie Verlander (80).

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The top wide receivers in Madden NFL 17


Wide receiver is the latest position to have the top five players revealed for Madden NFL 17 along with some of their key ratings. The retirement of Calvin Johnson opened up a spot for Odell Beckham Jr. to claim but the other four return with the rankings they finished off with last season and with a few increases made to specific attributes.

T-#3 DeAndre Hopkins –  93 Overall
T-#3 A.J. Green – 93 Overall
T-#3 Odell Beckham Jr. – 93 Overall
#2 Julio Jones – 96 Overall
#1 Antonio Brown – 97 Overall

Similar to the running backs, the Overall Rating for the receivers are lower but their actual attributes have stayed the same or risen slightly. Speed looks to be increasing at wideout with all but Jones getting a boost in the category. Brown is up three points there from the end of last season, while Beckham has gained two and Green and Hopkins one. The only other changes were for Jones who went up two points in Route Running and one for Catch in Traffic.

Previously: Top Rookies – Top Quarterbacks – Top Running Backs

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Last season’s best running backs remain at the top of the class for Madden NFL 17


EA Sports has revealed the top five running backs for Madden NFL 17, and with Marshawn Lynch retired it’s the group that finished up Madden NFL 16 at the very top and they’ll start the new game even in the exact same order.

#5 Lamar Miller – 88 Overall
#4 Jamaal Charles – 89 Overall
#3 Doug Martin – 90 Overall
#2 Adrian Peterson – 91 Overall
#1 Le’Veon Bell – 94 Overall

It looks like Bell will begin a second consecutive season suspended – so the news isn’t all great surrounding him today – but he still gets to stand out as the most versatile back in Madden.

While the Overall Ratings appear to be down so far, their actual attributes are not, and that was something examined yesterday with the quarterbacks. Unlike the QBs however who all had their individual ratings go way up, the RBs are basically all rated the same as they were at the conclusion of last season as they’ve seen very little movement in their top attributes. Only one of them changed by more than 1 point and that was Peterson’s BCV rating (+2).

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