Madden NFL 15 Added to EA Access Vault

eamadden15access Madden NFL 15 Added to EA Access Vault

The latest addition to the EA Access “Vault” on Xbox One is Madden NFL 15. Today the game joined NBA Live 15 and EA Sports UFC as the most recent sports titles to be offered as part of the subscription service.

The EA Access service is currently exclusive to Xbox One as Sony opted not to allow it for the PS4 claiming, of all things, “lack of value” for consumers. It’s $ 30 for a full year or $ 5 month-to-month. Members get unlimited access to the Vault which contains older EA games. Right now that includes 2013’s slate of sports titles, Need for Speed Rivals, PvZ Garden Warfare, Battlefield 4, Peggle 2, EA Sports UFC, and NBA Live 15. Also there’s 10% savings on all digital purchases and five days of limited (six hours) early play before each EA game releases.

It’ll be interesting to see if this becomes the norm with EA Sports games making their way into the Vault shortly after their respective seasons conclude. If that’s the case FIFA 15 could be coming in June with NHL 15 to follow in July.

In the case of Madden sales plummet after the Super Bowl so sending the game to the Vault is an interesting long-term strategy. Consumers interested in buying it already have, so EA can get others in on the game now not just to play and possibly increase the likelihood of buying the next edition in the series, but find themselves investing into Ultimate Team mode where EA can make digital revenue they would not have otherwise.

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Joe Montana Football 16 Microsoft Exclusivity Rumor Doesn’t Add Up

joemontanafootball Joe Montana Football 16 Microsoft Exclusivity Rumor Doesn’t Add Up

Joe Montana Football 16 was announced last July simply to make its existence known along with the intent for it to release this coming summer. No information about the game was provided and since then very little has been disseminated. Originally thought to be just a mobile game the developers – or Montana who seems to be running the show – have left the eventual platforms open to speculation.

A post made by a new user, with absolutely no established history, on the Operation Sports forum is creating a bit of a stir. Generally something random like that would be tossed aside as a likely attempt at trolling the readership. However some want to put stock into it because of the effort that evidently went into writing it, and because they’re hopefully for another NFL game, but the details within are sketchy at best. 

Factually, and logically, there are some things that work against the credibility of the story.

The game is called Joe Montana NFL Football 16. This is an NFL game. First-party stipulations that the NFL has always left open & the NFL’s exclusive relationship with Microsoft allows for Microsoft to have an NFL game. Microsoft Studios is the publisher.

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Features for MLB 15: The Show Not Having Much Influence on Purchase Decisions

yasielpuigmlb15coversm Features for MLB 15: The Show Not Having Much Influence on Purchase Decisions

The poll posted last week to gauge interest in the announced features for MLB 15: The Show has demonstrated a lack of significant movement from consumers in how they perceive the upcoming title. With over 3800 voters participating most are set in their plans and were from the start with very few left wavering. 

There were a variety of choices for respondents to select in order to represent the various stages of consideration consumers would be in a month out from release. Of those 45% expressed that they had planned to buy the game all along regardless of any features or improvements, while 21% were going to pass no matter what.

Out of those remaining 8% decided to buy because of the information and media delivered on the game while 10% decided they won’t be buying for the same reason. 3% were swayed positively and 3% negatively but haven’t come to a conclusion just yet. The final 10% haven’t been moved by any of it.

The results really aren’t surprising at all. As mentioned in previous write-ups The Show is as consistent a franchise in sports gaming as any. Interested consumers know what to expect out of it and accept it while others can feel content in staying away. There tend to be no surprises, good or bad, and SCEA doesn’t make much of an effort to reach a new crowd. Instead they focus on who they have and it’s proven successful in recent years despite being unable to really grow sales numbers in the process.

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MLB 15: The Show Live Stream – Graphics and Gameplay

mlb150303 MLB 15: The Show Live Stream – Graphics and Gameplay

The fifth live stream held by MLB 15: The Show developers included character artists to detail work done on visuals before turning to extended gameplay with the Nationals at Giants. Some of the specific areas touched on include player likenesses, hairstyles, accessories, equipment, and uniforms. There are also a couple opportunities to listen to the new “Inside the Show” radio broadcast that is featured within Franchise, Season, and Road to the Show. 

NBA 2K14 Servers Being Shut Down

nba2k14phcover NBA 2K14 Servers Being Shut Down

2K Sports has announced that the servers for NBA 2K14 will be shut down at the end of March. That means there will be no more gaming online (standard, MyTeam, or Team-Up) and will bring a close to Online Association mode.

With NBA 2K14 essentially an “always-online” title the concern has always been there about what it would mean when this day arrived. Fortunately those with ongoing MyCareer or MyGM saves won’t have their progress halted for good. Instead they’ll just become “offline” saves and continue in that manner. Any Virtual Currency that has been earned or bought will be converted to “SP” (Skill Points). VC can no longer be purchased for NBA 2K14 anyway.

The closing of the NBA 2K14 servers comes 18 months after release of the 360 and PS3 version (6-7 weeks under that for PS4/XB1) which is the norm for 2K, while EA Sports generally waits until at least two years have passed.

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Press Row Podcast: Sports Game Power Rankings for 2015

pressrowpodcast Press Row Podcast: Sports Game Power Rankings for 2015

With the new “season” of sports games upon us some of the Press Row participants collaborated to put together a Sports Game Power Rankings for 2015. The focus of the latest Press Row Podcast is to break down the positioning of each series within the list by reviewing their respective merits and deficiencies. Primary factors of consideration include sales numbers, quality, and community but there are several other ways as well in which to evaluate each franchise isolated on their own and relative to the group.

Check out the podcast through iTunes for iOS and the Stitcher app for Android – subscribe while there to help support the show! You can also listen in the streaming player below.

p 89EKCgBk8MZdE Press Row Podcast: Sports Game Power Rankings for 2015

Features for MLB Manager 2015; iOOTP 14 Now Available for Free

mlbmanager2015 Features for MLB Manager 2015; iOOTP 14 Now Available for Free

With the acquisition of the license Out of the Park Developments has taken the opportunity to rebrand the mobile version of OOTP Baseball, which has released as iOOTP since 2011, as MLB Manager. Releasing in March (most likely near the end of the month) MLB Manager 2015 will be available for both iOS and Android devices. This will be the first time the game will go out on Android. 

In addition to the features for MLB Manager 2015 the company announced that iOOTP Baseball 2014 (last year’s edition) can now be had for free. Grab it through iTunes in preparation for the upcoming game! Here are the announced features and improvements for the mobile sim management game which is expected to be $ 5 to buy.

Officially Licensed By
Yes, like Out of the Park Baseball 16, MLB Manager 2015 will feature authentic league and team logos for all Major League Baseball teams, including historical ones!

Real 2015 Major League Baseball 40-Man Rosters
Each team will have its actual 40-man projected Opening Day roster, along with an additional 20-25 top prospects, for a total of 60-65 players. As in previous versions of the game, your prospects will remain on a minor league roster until they’re ready to be promoted to the majors.

Android Support
Yes, that’s right: MLB Manager 2015 will be available on iOS and Android for the first time! Look for it in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store when it’s released next month. (The exact date is TBA, but if you’re on social media, be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for the latest news.)

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