The Daily Dish for 10/24/14

dailydish1 The Daily Dish for 10/24/14

First up in closing out the week in The Daily Dish is the new Press Row Podcast which will be posted on the site tomorrow but is out now through iTunes and Stitcher – it features more thoughts on NBA 2K15, expectations for NBA Live 15, and a full segment featuring my impressions of Live 15 having played through the EA Access period. Beyond that is the new Madden NFL 15 roster update, the release of NHL 2K on mobile, an art update with new courts for NBA 2K15, and a final reminder to donate to the Extra Life charity drive.

Referenced in the video
♦Latest Madden NFL 15 Roster Update
♦NBA Live 15 Videos from Streams
♦NHL 2K Out on Mobile
♦Six New Courts for NBA 2K15
♦Extra Life Charity Drive
♦Press Row Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher

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NBA Live 15 Day One EA Access Live Stream

live151023 NBA Live 15 Day One EA Access Live Stream

EA Sports has largely shielded consumers from NBA Live 15 and their motivations for doing so have been questioned. This is especially notable coming off four years of failure and promises to change that have been broken time and time again. When the company announced the EA Access subscription service back in July they backed themselves into a corner where they could no longer hide games they may not be all that confident in all the way through release. Now everyone who has an Xbox One and has interest in an upcoming game can pay for a subscription and stream away.

The game actually went out through EA Access late last night, about 13 hours earlier than others have gone live through the subscription service, so I held an impromptu live stream then which ran for almost two hours. You can check out the archive of that below along with the live player. I’ll be streaming the remainder of the six hours now with a podcast (Friday) and review (Saturday) to follow. Make sure to leave comments and/or questions in the chat!

[Update] The live stream is over but I’ll be adding the videos throughout the day.

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Madden NFL 15 Roster Update #9 Details

m15manning1023sm Madden NFL 15 Roster Update #9 Details

The roster update that follows week seven of the season is now available for Madden NFL 15 on all systems. Percy Harvin being shipped off to the Jets is the big player move while Peyton Manning is back at 99 overall joining Richard Sherman and J.J. Watt in that ultra-elite club. Check out all the changes in the latest roster update in the spreadsheet here.

Other notables moving up include Aaron Rodgers (+1 to 98), DeMarco Murray (+1 to 96), Demaryius Thomas (+1 to 96), Jordy Nelson (+1 to 96), Antonio Brown (+1 to 95), Justin Houston (+1 to 95), Vontae Davis (+1 to 94), Tom Brady (+1 to 93), Michael Bennett (+1 to 93), Tony Romo (+2 to 92), DeMarcus Ware (+2 to 91), T.Y. Hilton (+1 to 90), Jason Pierre-Paul (+2 to 89), Golden Tate (+2 to 87), Aaron Donald (+2 to 85), Sammy Watkins (+2 to 85), Curtis Lofton (+3 to 82), and Justin Forsett (+1 to 80).

Among those who slide in this update are Luke Kuechly (-1 to 96), Jimmy Graham (-1 to 96), Ndamukong Suh (-1 to 96), Marshawn Lynch (-1 to 95), Brandon Marshall (-1 to 94), Geno Atkins (-1 to 94), Justin Smith (-1 to 93), Arian Foster (-1 to 92), Julio Jones (-1 to 92), Cam Newton (-1 to 91), Frank Gore (-1 to 90), Brandon Mebane (-2 to 89), Antoine Bethea (-2 to 88), Jay Cutler (-1 to 86), Andy Dalton (-1 to 85), and Parys Haralson (-3 to 81).

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NHL 2K Available Now on Mobile

 NHL 2K Available Now on Mobile

The return of the NHL 2K series is here but it’s only for mobile devices. It went out today for iOS through iTunes and Android through Google Play. 2K continues to offer mobile games with premium prices rather than go the free-to-play route as NHL 2K comes in at $ 8.

♦My Career: Control one player and earn skill points to build up ratings over multiple seasons.
♦Mini Rink: Fast-paced arcade style 3 on 3 gameplay mode.
♦Shootout: Turn-based multiplayer penalty shootout using Game Center. Battle your friends or simply enjoy a fast-paced game.
♦Live Roster Updates
♦iOS Controller Support

For as much as F2P is unpopular the upfront price here makes the game somewhat of a risk. Outdated rosters and device compatibility issues are being cited in early user reviews.

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The Daily Dish for 10/23/14

dailydish1 The Daily Dish for 10/23/14

In this extended episode of The Daily Dish I go over my first impressions of NBA Live 15 having played over five hours through EA Access, T.J. Lauerman joins the show again to talk more about the Extra Life charity drive and all the prizes he’s been able to collect for the raffle that those who donate are entered into, and a preview of tomorrow’s Press Row Podcast.

Referenced in the video
♦NBA Live 15 Videos from Live Streams
♦Donate to Extra Life Charity
♦Press Row Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher

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The Daily Dish for 10/22/14

dailydish1 The Daily Dish for 10/22/14

In this episode of The Daily Dish – preparing for tomorrow’s six hour live stream of NBA Live 15, how you can try out NBA Live 15 without buying (unless you have EA Access on Xbox One that won’t be until release day), details on the first patch for NBA 2K15 out now on PC and soon for XB1 and PS4, and a retailer deal is available again for EA Sports UFC.

Referenced in the video
♦EA Sports UFC for $ 30 at Amazon
♦NBA 2K15 First Patch Details
♦Pastapadre Twitch Page

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NBA Live 15 Six Hour Trial Now Available Through EA Access

nbalive15smbse NBA Live 15 Six Hour Trial Now Available Through EA Access

NBA Live 15 through EA Access on Xbox One is out now to download as a timed trial. Subscribers to the service will get six hours of play time before it expires with the timer ticking down whenever the game is loaded regardless of whether it is being played, menus are being navigated through, or if there is any activity taking place at all. So make sure to exit out and close the application from the Xbox One home screen when not in use.

The six hours are there to play whether its all used by Tuesday or not. In fact those who don’t have EA Access on XB1 will be able to download the game for a six hour trial on October 28th while over on the PS4 there will be a traditional demo instead. Game saves are stored on the hard drive so records online and progress in Dynasty, Career, Ultimate Team or any other modes will carry over if a full copy is bought. The complete game is available during the trial period.

EA Access was announced in late July and is exclusive to the Xbox One only because Sony has declined to offer the service through PlayStation 4. It includes the “Vault” which offers unlimited play with some older games from the company’s catalog, 10% off all digital purchases, and the ability to play games up to five days before they release with a limited timed trial. EA Access is $ 30 for a full year or $ 5 month-to-month.

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