EA Sports UFC Receives New Patch and Adds Three Fighters to Roster

ufc0826 EA Sports UFC Receives New Patch and Adds Three Fighters to Roster

It may be practically dead at this point but it remains important for EA Sports to support the UFC title that launched in June. Having opened to weak sales, and dropping off the map since, the goal isn’t necessarily to capture new consumers (the damage has already been done, interest waned and competition too fierce now) but display a commitment to what is hoped to be a long-running franchise.

The changes that have been made since release in now two patches demonstrates the company has identified why the game wasn’t successful. Unfortunately the reasoning was obvious all along, and they chose instead to design and promote it in a manner that led to its downfall, but if the lessons have been learned that could lead to a significantly improved product when the next iteration arrives likely in 2016. Continue on for the details of the latest patch and who has been added to the roster in the update. 

- Three new fighters have been added: Matt Brown, Mike Pyle, and Stipe Miocic.

Kick Catching
Users will now have the ability to catch opponents’ kicks during parries if the attacking fighter has low stamina or high leg-damage when throwing the kick. If the parry button is held, a takedown will be initiated.

Manual Taunts
Users will now be able to add insult to injury with a well-placed taunt. Pressing Left or Right on the directional pad will cause a fighter to taunt their opponent mid-bout.

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Special Madden NFL 15 Release Live Stream

maddenstartlob Special Madden NFL 15 Release Live Stream

Press Row is on location with a once-in-a-hardly-ever-maybe-never-again-really event. Richard Grisham will be at my house tonight and we’ll be streaming Madden, chatting along with viewers, and playing other familiar personalities online! Join us for the live stream which we anticipate to begin around 1145ET/845PT. That’s of course if Twitch is up and running which right now appears questionable. Follow on Twitter for updates and on Twitch as well.

[Update] The archived event can be watched below!

Watch live video from Pastapadre on Twitch

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Demo for NHL 15 Now Available; Xbox One For Now, PS4 Later Today

nhldemo Demo for NHL 15 Now Available; Xbox One For Now, PS4 Later Today

The demo for NHL 15 is now available on the Xbox One and will be later today on the PlayStation 4. It came out early for the XB1 actually with it downloadable since yesterday evening.

Featured in the demo is a full game with two minute periods between the New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings – a rematch of the Stanley Cup Finals – and practice mode with free-skate and a goalie. Other options include the ability to adjust difficulty level (Rookie, Pro, All-Star) and change around the new camera angles (Dynamic Low, Medium, and High).

p 89EKCgBk8MZdE Demo for NHL 15 Now Available; Xbox One For Now, PS4 Later Today

First Trailer for NBA 2K15

nba2k15trl2 First Trailer for NBA 2K15

2K Sports today released the first trailer for NBA 2K15. The game is right in line with the typical marketing schedule which has produced trailers in the past in late August. Gameplay videos out of Gamescom and a new super-customizable offline franchise mode are all that has really been revealed to date. The trailer includes the usual flash but more notably the presence of a studio show featuring Ernie Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal.

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Madden NFL 15: Top Likes and Dislikes

m150825a Madden NFL 15: Top Likes and Dislikes

For years Madden has been a decent game that could be enjoyed by overlooking its considerable flaws and deficiencies which have generated frustration yet avoided game-breaking status. For many that was possible and the value was there, for some it was still too much to get past.

That really hasn’t changed with Madden NFL 15 which has improved in several areas of need but come up short yet again in others. What’s different this time is the number of options that change the way you can play for the better.

Continue on to check out what I’ve identified as the best and the worst after 15 hours of playing Madden NFL 15. There are more obviously more to come as I’m not able to touch on issues people have seen with simmed stats or play calling fully yet as a few examples. A full ‘Hits and Misses’ review will follow late this week or early next week. 

Top Likes

Defensive Camera Angle and Camera Switching on the Fly
It’s been a long time since a feature has completely surprised me in how much the functionality changes the way a game is played. Never would I have thought camera angles could have such impact as they have with the implementation in Madden 15.

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Madden NFL 15 Release Day Roster Update Details

m150821 Madden NFL 15 Release Day Roster Update Details

The first roster update for Madden NFL 15 is already out in preparation for release on Tuesday. The next update is expected out for the start of the regular season when the 53 man rosters have been solidified. Check out all the details on the first roster update in spreadsheet form here.

Notable movers on the rise include Kennan Robinson (+6), Kyle Long (+5), Jonathan Grimes (+5), Nate Allen (+3), K.J. Wright (+3), Antrel Rolle (+3), Kelvin Benjamin (+3), and Desmond Trufant (+2). A number of players who were not on the original roster were also added in the update.

p 89EKCgBk8MZdE Madden NFL 15 Release Day Roster Update Details

Season Ticket Period for Madden NFL 15 on 360 and PS3 Opens Today

madden15logo Season Ticket Period for Madden NFL 15 on 360 and PS3 Opens Today

Madden NFL 15 is now available to download through Season Ticket on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This is the last year that the Season Ticket program will be offered as the company instead will move forward with EA Access for the new generation of consoles. Microsoft is on board with that but Sony rejected the proposal.

Season Ticket was thought to be dead going into this year’s crop of games but EA Sports resurrected it with no fanfare a few weeks ago by scrapping the actual website for the service – which had outdated information only on last year’s games – and posting a blog with new details.

Given that the suite of titles that had been included in Season Ticket has dwindled from five to three (having lost NCAA Football and Tiger Woods) the company dropped the price from $ 25 to $ 20. Madden NFL 15, NHL 15, and FIFA 15 are included.

Unlike EA Access, which for now is exclusive to Xbox One, the early play period has no time restriction. Those with the subscription can play all the way through the early AM hours of Tuesday before having to buy a copy to continue. Season Ticket also includes 20% off digital purchases and 24 Ultimate Team packs for each game.

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