New Trailer Looks at the Modes in Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

pes20151030 New Trailer Looks at the Modes in Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

With just over two weeks until the game releases Konami today debuted a mode-centric trailer for PES 2015. The demo has been out for over a month now and reception has been generally positive – but it remains a tough sell as FIFA 15 will have been on the market for two months by the time it arrives and it follows the wave of sports games and faces incredibly tough competition for dollars in the gaming space in general.

The extended trailer offers up some good information on myClub, Master League, and Live Updates which are all either new or revamped for 2015.

Demanded by series fans, an extensive Master League Online overhaul allows players and managers to be added using accumulated GP points or via micro-transactions within club dealings. Additionally, agents are now used to meet player requirement criteria, while unhappy players can be detrimental to a team. Furthermore, Team Sprit plays a key role, as player/management and player/team dynamics affect a team’s performance.

Live Updates
Weekly DLC will constantly update transfers and team line-ups across the English, French, Italian, Spanish and Brazilian leagues. Player data is also updated based on current performances every week, so if a player is on a goal-scoring streak, his stats will be boosted accordingly. Updates will be applied to online modes and will be optional within single-player.

Master League
Revised structure for player growth, transfers, managers and auto-match settings. New cut-scenes and National Super Cups implemented have also been added.

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The Daily Dish for 10/30/14

dailydish1 The Daily Dish for 10/30/14

In this episode of The Daily Dish the impact of the ESPN camera for NBA Live 15 is discussed, an extended trailer focused on the new and improved modes for PES 2015 is out, the rosters in NBA 2K15 have been updated, NBA 2K15 is free to play through Monday morning on PC through Steam, and a preview of the upcoming Press Row Hangout.

Referenced in the video
♦NBA Live 15 ESPN Camera
♦PES 2015 Modes Trailer
♦NBA 2K15 Roster Update (OS)
♦NBA 2K15 for PC on Steam
♦Press Row Hangout Sat Night

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The Daily Dish for 10/29/14

dailydish1 The Daily Dish for 10/29/14

Thoughts on PS4’s Share Play leads the way in today’s Daily Dish. Also touched upon is the latest patch for EA Sports UFC, roster update for NBA 2K15 and observations on MyPark, and the player face updates made in NBA Live 15’s first patch.

Referenced in the video
♦Thoughts on PS4 Share Play
♦EA Sports UFC Patch Details
♦NBA 2K15 Roster Update (OS)
♦NBA Live 15 Updated Faces

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Taking A Look at the Updated Faces From The NBA Live 15 Day One Patch

livecarmellonew Taking A Look at the Updated Faces From The NBA Live 15 Day One Patch

Among the items listed in the day one patch for NBA Live 15 are updated player faces for four specific players. I went in and grabbed three of them for comparison sake to see just how improved the faces are from those that shipped with the game.

Joakim Noah looks the most different with changes more subtle to Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony. Check out the comparison images below by clicking the thumbnails and leave your observations in the comments!

livenoahcompare 150x150 Taking A Look at the Updated Faces From The NBA Live 15 Day One Patch     carmelocompare 150x150 Taking A Look at the Updated Faces From The NBA Live 15 Day One Patch     rosecompare 150x150 Taking A Look at the Updated Faces From The NBA Live 15 Day One Patch

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Share Play May Offer Better Experience Than Some Sports Games’ Standard Online

shareplay1029 Share Play May Offer Better Experience Than Some Sports Games’ Standard Online

Share Play was introduced in the PS4 system update yesterday and having spent an evening testing it out what it offers is remarkable. There’s almost too much to go into for a single article so it’ll be discussed at length on the next Press Row Hangout likely to be Saturday night.

In one case I joined Rich Grisham and his NBA Live 15 to play a game against each other “offline” (Live doesn’t have local co-op). As the host he had an ideal offline experience. As the guest I was faced with slight input lag comparable to that of a fairly good online game. It was something I could easily adjust to.

The irony is that the responsiveness on my end was better than that of the actual online games I’ve played of NBA Live 15. I was better able to time jump shots, something that proved nearly impossible in those online games, and it was effective enough that I could time steals and blocks and execute dribbling moves…all you would expect to be able to do. Yeah the host has a slight advantage (and the graphics on the guest end are lowered to 720p) but I might just consider that a home court advantage. It’s amazing when you consider I didn’t even need to own the game to play it with him so that’s not a bad trade-off.

What Share Play can do is sell games based on more compelling experiences and in many cases that’s playing a game along with a friend or exploring aspects that wouldn’t be available in a limited demo. I ended up walking away from that matchup with Rich with a better impression of NBA Live 15 than I had going in. Then there are the games that don’t even have an online component but can be played with someone far away like they’re right there with you. Independent games that maybe couldn’t afford the investment in online will really benefit.

However I hadn’t really considered that Share Play could turn out to be the preferable way to play sports games that have failed to solve their lag issues. MLB: The Show, which also has strange visual discrepancies online, would be the prime example as going through Share Play may prove to be more stable and reliable than what their actual online service offers.

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The Daily Dish for 10/27/14

dailydish1 The Daily Dish for 10/27/14

Is enough being seeing in NBA Live 15 for EA Sports to stick with the series or will it succumb to cancellation after years of continued failure? That’s the focus of The Daily Dish today coming off the posted impressions as well as the discussion on the latest Press Row Podcast. In addition I look ahead to tomorrow when Sony will push out an update for the PlayStation 4 that includes the revolutionary “Share Play” feature among other system improvements.

Referenced in the video
♦NBA Live 15 Impressions
♦Latest Press Row Podcast
♦Share Play Trailer

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Extra Life Charity Drive This Weekend

extralifesm Extra Life Charity Drive This Weekend

By T.J. Lauerman
Saturday, October 25th, gamers across North America are joining forces once again to help sick kids. Extra Life is a marathon just like a walk or run, but you don’t even need to get out of your chair. For 24 hours gamers will be doing what they do best, playing video games and raising money for their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. The 2014 Extra Life campaign has already raised over $ 2,000,000 and has over 43,000 registered participants.

Saturday will mark my fifth Extra Life marathon. Thanks to the help of multiple companies, donors to my campaign ( will be entered to win a number of great prizes including signed Colin Kaepernick, Richard Sherman and Cam Newton jerseys provided by the Madden NFL team at EA Sports. 

extralifeprizes2 Extra Life Charity Drive This Weekend

To follow along with my marathon you can watch me stream all 24 hours at If you’d like to support me and enter to win some great prizes, head over to

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