NBA 2K15 Week Eight Ratings Changes

rondomavs1sm NBA 2K15 Week Eight Ratings Changes

Though the frequency of NBA 2K15 roster updates have dropped off significantly they’re still being provided regularly enough to keep the game feeling up-to-date. That’s evidenced today by a new roster that executes the Rajon Rondo trade. However updates including ratings changes have only numbered three in the last two weeks and five in the last month. Compensating for that is bigger movement influenced by more performances. 

Check out all the changes in the spreadsheet put together here.

James Harden and Russell Westbrook have joined the elite 90+ club while Marc Gasol is on the brink and likely to make it sooner rather than later. Other Significant movement has affected positively Steph Curry, Kyle Lowry, John Wall, Mike Conley, and Tyson Chandler. Those taking hits include Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love, Derrick Rose, Tony Parker, and Joakim Noah.

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The Golf Club Patch Includes Handicap System and Much More

thegolfclub1219 The Golf Club Patch Includes Handicap System and Much More

The latest patch for The Golf Club continues the excellent post-release support from HB Studios since arriving digitally for the consoles in August and even before that with the PC version. The patch went out late last night on both Xbox One and PS4 and it most notably includes the highly anticipated Handicap System, a new theme, and two new courses. Remember there are only a few days left to grab it for almost half off on PS4.

♦Handicap System
♦New Theme – Countryside
♦New Game Mode – Stableford (Scoring Method)
♦Multi-plant tool in Greg Norman Course Designer
♦Optimization on all Platforms
♦Expanded Commentary
♦Ability to change Tee Box styles and colours
♦New Official Course – Flin Flon Golf Club
♦New Official Course – Great Tottington Golf Club
♦New Official Tournaments for all handicap levels – some available immediately, most progressively over the holidays.
♦New Official Tours for different handicap levels – to be released over the holiday period.
♦Colourful plants and shrubs added to Greg Norman Course Designer.
♦Bug Fixes (See a TON of them on the official blog)

Here is some more info on what to expect out of the new Handicap system:

To get a Handicap you will need to play 5 rounds at Handicap rated courses. The game will look at your scores on these rounds and calculate you a Handicap. After this point every round you have on a Handicap Rated course will adjust your handicap.

In The Golf Club, a course needs 200 plays to become Handicap Rated. Once it is played 200 times the game will work out the course Slope Rating and the Stroke Index for each hole

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EA Sports UFC Now Available in EA Access Vault

eaufc0619a EA Sports UFC Now Available in EA Access Vault

As announced last week EA Sports UFC is now available as one of the games in the “Vault” with EA Access on Xbox One. Subscribers to the service will have unlimited playtime with the complete game – essentially its “owned” digitally until the subscription is allowed to expire.

UFC joins Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, Need for Speed Rivals, Peggle 2, Battlefield 4, Madden NFL 25, and FIFA 14 in the “Vault”. Other perks to EA Access include 10% off all digital purchases and six hours of early play with future games in the days leading up to their respective releases.

The timing of the addition was somewhat surprising given that UFC has only been out six months, is still being actively supported (six patches/18 new fighters to date), arrives in advance of Christmas possibly cannibalizing some sales, and has value that won’t degrade as quickly given that it’s not a yearly release.

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Madden NFL 15 Roster Update #17 Details

madden15gronk1218 Madden NFL 15 Roster Update #17 Details

The roster update for Madden NFL 15 that follows week 15 of the season is available now on all systems. Rob Gronkowski gets the most significant move reaching 99 overall. He joins J.J. Watt there with Richard Sherman the verge of making it back any week now. Aaron Rodgers drops out of the 99 club after a rough game against the Bills. Check out the full slate of changes made in the roster update with the spreadsheet here.

Ray McDonald, now accused of sexual assault and having been cut by the 49ers, remains on the team’s roster. Checking back on other troubled players from the season Ray Rice has not been added to the free agent pool despite his reinstatement and somehow Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy remain active on their respective team rosters in the game.

Among players on the rise this week are Vontae Davis (+1 to 96), Kyle Williams (+1 to 96), Dez Bryant (+1 to 96), Mario Williams (+1 to 95), Drew Brees (+1 to 95), Terrell Suggs (+1 to 94), Tony Romo (+1 to 93), Nick Mangold (+1 to 93), Sheldon Richardson (+1 to 92), Bobby Wagner (+1 to 91), Chandler Jones (+1 to 90), Joe Flacco (+1 to 89), Khalil Mack (+1 to 89), Odell Beckham Jr. (+3 to 88), Reggie Nelson (+2 to 88), Glover Quin (+1 to 88), Alex Smith (+1 to 87), and Eli Manning (+2 to 85).

Names that take a hit in the update include Jordy Nelson (-1 to 96), Jamaal Charles (-1 to 96), Robert Quinn (-1 to 96), Cameron Wake (-1 to 95), Reshad Jones (-1 to 92), Josh Gordon (-1 to 91), Philip Rivers (-2 to 90), LeSean McCoy (-1 to 90), Julius Thomas (-1 to 90), Justin Smith (-1 to 90), DeSean Jackson (-2 to 89), Antoine Bethea (-2 to 89), Colin Kaepernick (-2 to 81), Jay Cutler (-2 to 79), and Johnny Manziel (-2 to 75).

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Completely Inaccurate Christmas Jerseys Added to NBA 2K15

nba2k15curryxmas Completely Inaccurate Christmas Jerseys Added to NBA 2K15

An art update arrived today for NBA 2K15 that delivered new uniforms to the game. The “Pride” jerseys for the Celtics and Magic and a new alternate for the Cavs are included, but it’s the Christmas jerseys that will get most of the attention. Those have been added for the 10 teams that are set to play that day.

The main draw (or drawback in the opinion of many) to this year’s Christmas jerseys is that they feature the player’s first name instead of their last name. However 2K15’s representation includes the last name and even the box framing the name is absent. The NBA logo is also too small. On the front of the jerseys the team logos are too small – they should be the same size or larger than the number below – and the adidas logo is missing.

It’s unclear why 2K Sports would release the jerseys in this state and they have yet to comment on whether a fix for them will be made.

nba2k15duncanxmas Completely Inaccurate Christmas Jerseys Added to NBA 2K15

nba2k15kobexmas Completely Inaccurate Christmas Jerseys Added to NBA 2K15

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The Daily Dish for 12/17/14

dailydish1 The Daily Dish for 12/17/14

In the latest episode of The Daily Dish summarized thoughts on Super Mega Baseball following its release, new jerseys have been added to NBA 2K15 but the Christmas ones are completely inaccurate, a patch arrived recently for NBA Live 15, make sure to vote the poll that went up to judge anticipation levels for MLB 15: The Show features, a digital deal on PS4 is available for The Golf Club, and the $ 30 sale on NBA 2K15 continues through Amazon.

Referenced in the video
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♦Super Mega Baseball Review
♦Super Mega Baseball Walkthrough Video
♦MLB 15: The Show Feature Poll
♦NBA Live 15 Patch Details (EA Sports)
♦The Golf Club Digital Deal on PS4
♦NBA 2K15 Adds Inaccurate Xmas Jerseys

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Trying Share Play with Super Mega Baseball

smgsp Trying Share Play with Super Mega Baseball

The introduction of Share Play on PlayStation 4 made it possible for games without any online component to be played through hosted connections. Assuming the individual’s speeds (primarily the upload) is fast enough Share Play offers the ability to not just play with or against a friend but also pass them the controller to play on their own. In some cases the result has even proven to be better than the actual online service for the game.

Super Mega Baseball does not offer online play and considering how good the game is that’s certainly disappointing. However Share Play has stepped in and provided a manner in which two people can play against each other or co-op together online.

The first attempt to utilize Share Play with SMB was made last night and turned out quite well. The guest does have to deal with a slight delay, comparable to a decently responsive online game, while the host gets to play under ideal circumstances. One great option in Super Mega is the “Ego” difficulty which can be set to different levels for each player. That host advantage can be balanced out by giving the guest a lower Ego to work with.

The only downside to head-to-head play is that it is local multiplayer and that means both users see the same things on screen. The pitch cursor is visible to the batter as is the pitch selection. There are some ways around that though that can be utilized to try and fool the batter.

Overall the experience through Share Play was a very positive one even as we hit a guest account bug that halted play late in the game. That doesn’t appear to be specifically related to Share Play but did arise when the host “left” the party.

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