Madden NFL 17 has already received a commentary update


The new commentary team of Brandin Gaudin and Charles Davis has proven to be one of the most promising changes made for Madden NFL 17. One of the assurances from EA Sports is that the duo will be recording new audio for the game regularly throughout the season.

“This means that if a player or team has a monster week, you will hear about it shortly after in the game. Brandon and Charles will be in studio with us throughout the course of the season, recording the latest content to help bridge the gap between what you see on Sunday, and what you hear when you boot up your game.”

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MLB The Show 16 roster update details for week 19 of the season


While it’s one of the lighter weeks as of late in terms of ratings changes for MLB The Show 16, many new Flashback Cards have made it into Diamond Dynasty with today’s roster update.

Mookie Betts has achieved Diamond status by earning a point to get to 93 Overall, while teammate Xander Bogaerts has fallen out of the Diamond tier by dropping 2 points to 91. The move up for Betts in attributes are minor (+3 Power vs R, +2 Power vs L, +1 Con vs R) but it’s enough to get him that big Overall point after hitting .368 in July and .403 so far in August. Bogaerts though plummets 13 points in Power vs L and 5 points in Contact vs R. His batting average has dropped every month since May and he’s only hitting .180 in August.

Other movers this week include Evan Longoria (+3 to 89), Freddie Freeman (+3 to 87), Wilson Ramos (+2 to 86), Charlie Blackmon (+2 to 86), Eric Hosmer (-3 to 85), Lorenzo Cain (-3 to 85), Rick Porcello (+2 to 84), Salvador Perez (-3 to 82), Brad Miller (+3 to 76), and Matt Boyd (+13 to 72). Edwin Diaz Update: Still no Edwin Diaz.

New cards for the mode include Postseason Carlos Beltran (99 Overall), Prime Josh Hamilton (97), Prime Justin Morneau (95), Legend Bret Saberhagen (94), Prime Kris Medlen (94), Legend Rollie Fingers (93), Rookie Dustin Pedroia (92), Legend Fred McGriff (92), Prime Mike Napoli (89), Rookie Miguel Cabrera (88), Legend Eddie Murray (87), Legend Orlando Cepeda (87), Prime Doug Fister (87), Prime Melvin Upton Jr. (86), and Rookie Josh Hamilton (81).

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First set of Madden NFL 17 videos


Madden NFL 17 is now available through EA Access on Xbox One, so consumers (those it’s working for currently) on at least one of the two big consoles can now spend considerable time with it whether that be to get a jump-start with the game or to determine whether it’s going to be worth a purchase. Over the coming days look for some mode-specific impressions, videos, multiple podcasts, and then on Monday a review for Sporting News. Until then here are the first few videos featuring unedited gameplay from Franchise Mode, a team constructed through Draft Champions, and a look at the new stadiums and renovations found in Madden NFL 17.

Madden Mobile has relaunched for the new season


Rather than releasing a brand new app every year EA Sports has instead opted to dramatically update and reset those that already available on the marketplace. That process took place today for Madden NFL Mobile, the popular Ultimate-Team based free-to-play mobile game that is now in its fourth iteration. Available now to download through iTunes for iOS or Google Play for Android, it’ll update upon logging in for those who are continuing with the game. 

QB Scramble
The biggest request from the Madden Mobile Community is now HERE! Utilize the special skill set of NFL Players like Mike Vick and Cam Newton like never before!

Live and Blitz Events
The meat and potatoes of Madden Mobile’s daily updates are BACK! Live and Blitz Events are your key to some of the best rewards in the game! Be sure to login every day to see what you can earn in Madden Mobile.

All New Gameplanning
Strategizing against your opponent has gone to a whole new level. Never has stacking the odds in your favor been so deep and fun. Use special collectibles to enhance your gameplay and even earn special TEAM Gameplan Collectibles that give any member of that team on your squad special boosts.

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NHL 17 trailer provides the first look at the World Cup of Hockey


The introduction of a mode dedicated to the World Cup of Hockey was one of the first pieces of news to hit related to NHL 17 and the feature was even floated in a consumer survey back in 2014. For the first time ever in the NHL series a full international tournament is represented with all the accurate teams, players, and uniforms. Today EA Sports revealed a first look at the tournament in the game with a trailer out of Gamescom.

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The new features for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team


Due to the revenue it generates it should come as no surprise that the mode in FIFA 17 to have received the most resources is that of Ultimate Team. Multiple brand new ways to play have been added to FUT this year. 

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Release date and beta announced for Steep along with a new trailer


One of the most intriguing reveals out of E3 was the mountain sports game Steep which will be out December 2. Ubisoft has released a new trailer out of Gamescom and also opened up registration for future “beta phases” on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Tying in with the news is a pre-order incentive just added (outside of 20% off to Amazon Prime members) featuring three nighttime challenges, three night outfits, glowing equipment, and wingsuit rocket flare.

Ride a massive open world of the Alps. Go solo or drop in side by side with other players. Record and share the most insane stunts ever captured. Dare your friends to try out your custom trails, then challenge the world to beat your best tricks and relive your most epic wipeouts. The mountain is yours.

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