Madden NFL 15 Week 11 Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

mevans1118m15 Madden NFL 15 Week 11 Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

It was a down week for quarterbacks particularly when compared to the astonishing numbers that some had been putting up in games as of late. Few would be justified for boosts in the next Madden NFL 15 roster update while many are in line to receive decreases. Peyton Manning has thrown six picks in the last three games so he’ll almost certainly lose the 99 overall rating he was given last month. It’ll also be interesting to see if EA removes Adrian Peterson from the game now that he’s been officially suspended for at least the remainder of this season.

Those likely to rise include Jonas Gray (who’s not even on the roster right now!), Jamaal Charles, Le’Veon Bell, Mike Evans, Chase Coffman, Everson Griffen, Carlos Dunlap, Dan Williams, DeAndre Levy, Chris Borland, Johnathan Joseph, Reshad Jones, and TJ McDonald.

Among those in line to fall are both Peyton and Eli Manning, Kyle Orton, Mark Sanchez, Matt Stafford, Robert Griffin III, Brian Hoyer, Trent Richardson, D’Qwell Jackson, Bradley Fletcher, and Bashaud Breeland.

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NBA 2K15 Week Three Ratings Changes

2k15curry NBA 2K15 Week Three Ratings Changes

While injuries are being reflected daily along with rotations, accessories, and more the ratings changes for NBA 2K15 have come in bunches and this third week of the season had the most impact yet. Last week 57 players were altered compared to 172 this week.

The Nets appear to have benefited the most with ratings upgrades while the Nuggets went in the opposite direction. Anthony Davis and Stephen Curry move up to 90 overall while Tim Duncan drops a point to 89. Check out all the ratings changes made in the last week of NBA 2K15 roster updates in the spreadsheet here.

p 89EKCgBk8MZdE NBA 2K15 Week Three Ratings Changes

Press Row Podcast: Launch Disasters Raise Questions About Media Coverage and Consumer Expectations

pressrowpodcast Press Row Podcast: Launch Disasters Raise Questions About Media Coverage and Consumer Expectations

A special episode of the Press Row Podcast focuses on the recent botched launches for high profile games which is something that has certainly plagued the sports genre over the years.

A number of areas are examined including the concept of “day one reviews”, how embargoes can either serve or harm readership, whether widespread backlash to issues ultimately leads to any change, and opinions on how sports games are covered by the media at large and if consumer expectations of them are fair in general.

Check out the podcast through iTunes for iOS and the Stitcher app for Android – subscribe while there to help support the show! You can also listen in the streaming player below.

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The Daily Dish for 11/14/14

dailydish1 The Daily Dish for 11/14/14

In this episode of The Daily Dish the new Press Row Podcast is covered which focuses on the broken state of many games at launch and how the industry and consumers are approaching these products. Also EA Sports is hyping the “new era” of NHL, Madden NFL 15 has a new roster update out, a brief recap of some ratings movement in recent NBA 2K15 roster updates, and a preview of Saturday night’s live Press Row Hangout.

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♦“New Era” for NHL Teased
♦NBA 2K15 Ratings Updates (Coming Saturday)
♦Madden NFL 15 Roster Update Details

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Madden NFL 15 Roster Update #12 Details

m15lynchsm Madden NFL 15 Roster Update #12 Details

The roster update that follows week 10 of the season is out now for Madden NFL 15 on all platforms. Aaron Rodgers joins the 99 overall ranks with Peyton Manning and J.J. Watt. On the other end of things the Bears have 15 players and the Bengals 10 that drop this week. Check out all the changes in this new roster update with the spreadsheet here.

Players on the rise include Jimmy Graham (+1 to 97), Marshawn Lynch (+1 to 96), Dez Bryant (+1 to 95), Brent Grimes (+1 to 94), Mario Williams (+1 to 93), Connor Barwin (+2 to 87), Justin Forsett (+3 to 83), Kroy Biermann (+6 to 81), Odell Beckham Jr. (+2 to 80), Jordan Matthews (+4 to 78), Mark Sanchez (+3 to 78), and Martavis Bryant (+2 to 77).

Among those falling in the update are Richard Sherman (-1 to 97), Gerald McCoy (-1 to 96), Drew Brees (-1 to 95), A.J. Green (-1 to 94), Matt Forte (-1 to 94), LeSean McCoy (-2 to 91), Tyron Smith (-2 to 91), Mike Pouncey (-2 to 90), Maurkice Pouncey (-2 to 88), Stefen Wisnieski (-2 to 88), Andy Dalton (-2 to 83), and Jay Cutler (-3 to 82).

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“New Era” for NHL Series Being Teased

nhl15newera “New Era” for NHL Series Being Teased

A new addition to the NHL 15 website is pointing towards December 8th as a significant date for the series when a ‘new era’ will supposedly begin. Below the tagline is a mention to follow the NHL Twitter account for HUT news but that’s the extent of things. That could be a hint at the area of the game that will be affected but it’s hard to believe a “new era” would describe something related to a single mode. However this is EA and all they seem to care about now is Ultimate Team so it can’t be ruled out.

Of course any expectations should be tempered if not reduced to zero here. First it could end up being about an addition/change to Ultimate Team which would limit interest to the relative few who already own the game and the even fewer who play that mode. More importantly the company has lost their credibility in promotion of the series. The most recent embarrassment was hyping the release of a mediocre patch as “the greatest day in EA Sports NHL history”.

EA has not commented on further support for NHL 15 after fulfilling the first two promised patches which delivered a few features back to the game. Instead they’ve continued to push Ultimate Team including the recent addition of legends to the mode.

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The Daily Dish for 11/13/14

dailydish1 The Daily Dish for 11/13/14

Unable to produce a Daily Dish episode yesterday the next two will be stacked with more information than usual. Today’s discusses the results out of the NBA 2K15 vs NBA Live 15 player face comparisons, previews tomorrow’s Press Row Podcast and Saturday’s live Hangout, takes note of the new blog for The Golf Club which has more on the handicap system and future Career mode, mentions the new NBA mobile game that went out, and summarizes the news on Black Friday deals for sports games.

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♦Press Row Hangout on Saturday Night
♦Press Row Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher
♦The Golf Club Handicap/Career Mode Blog
♦Early Black Friday Sports Game Listings
♦NBA All Net Mobile Game Out Now

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